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Main Story is a line of quests which tells about most important events that are going on at the certain time period. Usually, the Main Story is built around the player, which means the player will have to participate in the certain upcoming events. The Main story is a bigger version of usual quests or, so called, side quests. The Main story includes more dialogs, characters, motives, areas and rewards.

The Ship / Lif Island / Hoddmimis
Quest Name Level Req. Base EXP Class EXP Reward Info
Arrival Lv. 1 0 0 0 Rupee Talk to Nea Sabirine just next to you when you wake up to receive your 'Dagger', then head up the stairs to the outside of the ship and speak to the captain, Arolas Botolph. Talk to the captain once again and choose 'Okay.' to head to the island. Talk to Arolas Botolph again, now you need to find Moritz. Swim South-West across the water to find him at the beach and talk to him. Now head up the beach a little to the blue tent and talk to Nea Sabarine. Next head to Hoddmimis town and speak to the guard just near the entrance, Sid Bircher. Head North-West in town to find Miroslav Baum, talk to him. Now head to Hoddmimis Inn and speak to Josef Gils and agree to stay the night.
... Lv. ... ... ... Rupee ...........
... Lv. ... ... ... Rupee ...........
... Lv. ... ... ... Rupee ...........