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Adventurer is the first class available to you when you create the character.

It's a true jack of all trades, capable of fulfilling any role, with different playstyles. Adventurer can be a melee damage dealer, a tank, mage, healer and more. If you can't decide which class is for you, you can just continue playing as an Adventurer and find out what suits you the most. Combining Adventurer's unique skill set with skills transferred from other classes can create a totally unique playstyle.

Obtaining the class

Every new character created is an Adventurer, you don't have to do anything to obtain it. If you've changed your class you can always switch back to Adventurer by speaking to the Cattleya employee in any city.


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Active Skills
Skill Req.
Description (Max. Level) Skill Transfer
icon Quick Strike 1 10 A quick attack with high accuracy.

Accuracy 180%.
Attack Power 75%.
3 slots (cLv. 5)
icon Life Gift 1 11 Heals target ally in expense of your own Health and Mana.

Cannot be used on yourself.
Consumes 15% of your maximum Health.
Heals the target for 200% of your Magical Power.
4 slots (cLv. 5)
icon Phantom Strike 1 11 Channels the energy of the ghost to hit the enemy with a quick blow.

Magical Power 100%.
4 slots (cLv. 5)
icon Slap 2 6 Confuse the enemy by slapping them in the face.

Cannot be used while wielding a weapon.
Attack Power 50%.
85% chance to stun the target for 5 seconds.
3 slots (cLv. 20)
icon Soul Strike 4 11 Concentrates your Mana into a ball of energy.

Magical Power 200%.
4 slots (cLv. 5)
icon Expert Punching 4 11 Delivers a burst of punches to the enemies in front. They will definitely feel it if they manage not to dodge it.

Cannot be used while wielding a weapon.
Can hit up to 8 enemies, dealing 3 attacks to each of them.
Attack Power 100% per hit.
Accuracy 50%.
2 slots (cLv. 10)
icon Tactical Scratching 4 11 Delivers higher damage to enemies with a higher level than yourself.

Cannot be used while wielding a weapon.
Can only be used on enemies with higher level than yourself.
Attack Power 200% +30% per level difference (up to 500%).
icon Sprint 7 4 Briefly increases your running speed.

Cannot use any skills for 5 seconds after activating this skill.
Running Speed +30% for 30 seconds.
icon Unexpected Hit 8 10 Attacks the most vulnerable spot of the enemy.

100% chance of critical attack.
Slows the target by -40% for 5 seconds.
38% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds.
4 slots (cLv. 30)
icon Trick Attack 9 11 Confuse the enemy by tricking them into thinking that you're not going to attack.

Your character becomes invincible for 1.5 seconds before attacking the enemy.
Accuracy 185%.
4 slots (cLv. 35)
icon Act Dead 10 10 Lets you fake your death to keep monsters from attacking you.

Cannot move or use skills while this effect is active.
Taking any damage or using any skill breaks the effect.
Health and Mana recovery is disabled while this effect is active.
Monsters level 61 or higher will still figure out the trick.
3 slots (cLv. 35)
icon Beg For Mercy 15 11 Beg your enemy for mercy.

Cannot be used while wielding a weapon.
Can only be used if your Health is below 20% and Rage is at 0.
Applies the Sympathy effect for 10 seconds.
While under the Sympathy effect, the target cannot attack you.
Dealing any damage to the target breaks the Sympathy effect.
icon Throw Stone 16 10 Throws a stone at your enemy, attracting their attention with a small chance to stun them.

Cannot be used while wielding a weapon.
65% chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds.
4 slots (cLv. 40)
icon Combo Attack 20 5 Focus your rage to deliver a powerful combo of punches.

Cannot be used while wielding a weapon.
Your next normal attack within next 4 seconds will produce a triple combo attack.
4 slots (cLv. 45)
Passive Skills
Skill Req.
Description (Max. Level) Skill Transfer
icon Martial Arts 1 10 Increaces your attack power and accuracy when fighting with bare hands.

Melee Accuracy +15.
Melee Attack +46.
1 slots (cLv. 5)
icon Peace of Mind 1 11 Increases your Mana Recovery when sitting still.

Resting Mana Recovery Rate +1.2/sec.

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