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Character Class determines character playstyle and role in combat. Each class has it's own set of skills, equipment.

You start as an Adventurer and later in the game you can change the class to a different one.

Unlike many other games, you don't have to choose one class for your character forever, you can switch between previously learned classes any time by speaking to the Cattleya employee in any city.

There are no sub-classes or multiple class tiers, although you can develop one class in multiple different ways, even changing its playstyle completely. You can consider class as the main template for the character development.

Moreover, you can transfer some skills from one class to another, creating a truly unique and versatile character.

Available Classes


Main article: Adventurer

Adventurer is the first class available to you when you create the character. They're true jacks of all trades, capable of fulfilling any role, with different playstyles. Adventurer can be a melee damage dealer, a tank, mage, healer and more. If you can't decide which class is for you, you can just continue playing as an Adventurer and find out what suits you the most. Combining Adventurer's unique skill set with skills transferred from other classes can create a totally unique playstyle.


Main article: Berserker

Berserkers are melee experts, sword is their most faithful friend. Furious, destructive rage is their usual state of mind, and their body does not know what pain is. Berserkers are meant to be fierce, merciless warriors.


Main article: Knight

Knights are the most loyal protectors of the people of Midgard. Their powerful shield protects from mortal danger, their heavy armor stops the fangs of the most vicious enemies. Even at the cost of their life, until their last breath, knights will faithfully defend their allies, deflecting danger and taking the attack upon themselves.


Main article: Enchanter

Enchanters are masters of elemental magic, capable of channeling the unstoppable power of the elements against their enemies. Blades and armor are alien to them, they can defeat the enemies without even touching them. They wander the world in search of wisdom, collecting grains of ancient knowledge. And it will be very unlucky for those who dare to attack an enchanter.


Main article: Priest

Priests devote themselves to the ministry of the church and to helping those in need with the power given to them by the Holy Spirit. They can easily heal the wounds of heroes, give spiritual strength and balance, bless warriors and give them protection that can stop evil forces.


Main article: Recruit

Recruits strive for progress, thanks to which they have mastered the newest type of weapon — steam guns. They can inflict significant physical damage on opponents from afar. Their shots are accurate and strong enough to destroy heavy armor. They do not allow their enemies to be within the range of the shot of their gun, and with a well-aimed shot can immobilize or even disarm the enemy.


Main article: Hunter

Being alone with nature for long weeks, Hunters perfectly know the habits of animals and monsters. They handle bow and arrow very well. During their long wanderings, they learn to use the power of nature to direct their arrows exactly at the target, and turn monsters into their allies.


Main article: Minstrel

Beautiful songs of a Minstrel can do miracles: make the weak in body strong, give the weak in spirit courage, or even pacify enemies. In any company with a minstrel it is always more fun, even most evil enemies are not so scary. With the help of songs, they can manipulate the auras of opponents, turn them into stone, or even take away their vitality.


Main article: Assassin

Assassins are stealthy masters of knife and poison. The main task of the assassins is to kill the enemy, and in this they are real masters: excellent knives skills, the ability to inflict mortal wounds and handle the most powerful and insidious poisons. But, undoubtedly, their most powerful weapon is stealth, which allows them to sneak up to the enemy, easily kill them and disappear into the darkness.