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Enchanter is a playable character class.

Enchanters are masters of elemental magic, capable of channeling the unstoppable power of the elements against their enemies. Blades and armor are alien to them, they can defeat the enemies without even touching them. They wander the world in search of wisdom, collecting grains of ancient knowledge. And it will be very unlucky for those who dare to attack an enchanter.

Obtaining the class


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Active Skills
Skill Req.
Description (Max. Level) Skill Transfer
icon Ice Wave 2 11 Hits the target enemy with a wave of ice.

Attack Power 100%.
100% chance to slow down the target by -60% for 7 seconds.
4 slots (cLv. 30)
icon Fireball 7 11 Attack an enemy with a fireball.

Attack Power 320%.
100% chance to apply burning effect on the target for 15 seconds, dealing 80 damage every 3 seconds.
4 slots (cLv. 40)
icon Lightning Strike 10 11 Summons a lightning strike on top of the enemy.

Attack Power 360%.
90% chance to stun the target for 1 second.
4 slots (cLv. 50)
icon Memorize 12 11 Increases your casting speed for a short amount of time.

Casting Speed +50 for 30 seconds.
icon Mana Shield 25 11 Absorbs damage taken in expense of mana.

Absorbs up to 100% of damage for every hit.
Mana efficiency 250%.
Passive Skills
Skill Req.
Description (Max. Level) Skill Transfer
icon Increase Spiritual Power 1 11 Increases maximum Mana capacity.

Maximum Mana +520.
icon Sense of Magic 4 5 Increases magic evasion rate.

Magic Evasion +50.
icon Fire Mastery 15 11 Increases power of Fire element spells chained right after another Fire element spell.

Each time you successfully use a Fire element magic spell, it gives you one power point for the Fire Mastery (up to 3 points).
Using any other kind of spell resets the Fire Mastery power.
Each power point gives additional +40% Attack Power for the next Fire element magic spell.

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