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Gathering is a feature that allows the players to gather crafting materials, which can be used further for the crafting.

Once a material has been harvested, it disappears and respawns after some time (usually, 2~5 minutes).

Coal deposit.jpg

The Ymirheim developers' comment excerpt regarding a newly implemented feature:

"Nothing very fancy yet, but it’s already something you can play with."

Gathering Nodes

Node Location Drops Usage
Coal ??? Coal (???) Crafting Bear Hat
Mushroom Outside Hoddmimis

Lif Island

Small White Mushroom (Uncommon)

Medium White Mushroom (Rare)

Rotton White Mushroom (Uncommon)

Selling / Nothing Yet
Crystal Ymir Cave Variety of crystals <to be listed soon/ WIP> Spirit Enchantment
Flowers Hoddmimis Lighthouse ??? ???

User-made Changelog

The Gathering was firstly announced in a pre CBT2 progress report post.