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Hoddmimis is a small town located on an island, south-east of Prontera. Hoddmimis is the first settlement that welcomes new adventures in the land of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom.

The town has a lot of NPCs from different organizations. The players can find everything they need in Hoddmimis. There is used to be a training ground on the east area of Hoddmimis, but it doesn't seem like the town settlers do remember anything about that.

Sea Port

There is a seaport located on the Hoddmimis's west shore. The players can buy a ticket and travel to Prontera, which means they need to cross the sea.


Name Location Additional info
Adriana Shelphy (Kafra) North-East side of Hoddmimis Kafra service
Averro Reinhold South side of Hoddmimis Food store
Conrad Flint West side of Hoddmimis Card enchanter
Jakob Tintero Center part of Hoddmimis Post office
Jarko Ruzzoli Center part of Hoddmimis Blacksmith
Michelle Berardini North side of Hoddmimis Armour shop
Miroslav Baum (Cattleya) North side of Hoddmimis Cattleya service
Skill books store
Natali Klaret Center of Hoddmimis Potion shop
Travez West Center part of Hoddmimis Auction house