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Monsters are creatures that exist in the Ymirheim in-game world. There is a wide variety of monsters presented across all parts of the world. The monsters have different stats and levels, they also use different skills and behave differently depending on theirs type and/or the situation in which the battle is taking a place. For example : some monsters are aggressive and will attack players withing range, while others are not and will idle till the moment players initiates combat, there's also some other behavorial nuances which will be described later.

The monsters can drop loot.

Currently organized for CBT2 article subject to change at any moment or be depreciated, each table lists enemies found and average level of enemy based on location in table.

Outside Hoddmimis Southeast of Prontera Northwest of Prontera Southwest of Prontera
Monster Name Level Monster Name Level Monster Name Level Monster Name Level
Unripe Pukui 1 ~ 2 Poring 13 Udar Clan Thief 17 ~ 19 Brown Wolf 19
Unripe Puku Puku 1 ~ 3 Bon-Bon 12 Udar Clan Thug 17 ~ 19 Grey Wolf
Rainbow Fish 2 ~ 3 Grey Field Mouse 12 Stone Spider
Yellow Eyed Fish 3 Marin Rogue Cat Poporing
Aster 3 ~ 4 Drops Drops Mountain Zadoras Warrior
Small Vadon 3 Hydra Mountain Zadoras Grunt 21
Vadon 4 ~ 5 Spore 14 Mountain Zadoras Baby 20
Turtle 7 Dospore 15 Swamp Zadoras Warrior 22
Blue Shark 8 ~ 9 Grey Wolf 19 Swamp Zadoras Grunt 22
Swamp Zadoras Baby 21