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Party is an in-game feature that allows the players to form groups, which means that the players can participate in several PvE and PvP activities together as a pre-made team.

Parties have their own set of loot and exp distribution rules that can be changed by a party leader (further PL).

Playing as a party is easier than playing solo, at least in some ways.

The maximum amount of players in a single party is 5.

Party Tab Features

  • Invite. The PL can invite other players to the party.
  • Make Leader. The PL can appoint another player as a new PL.
  • Kick Member. The PL can kick a party member out of the party.
  • Leave Party. Allows players to leave their parties.
  • Party setting. Contains related to exp and loot distribution settings.

Party tab.jpg

Other Features

  • Party members can see each other on the map. Which means every party member is represented as a "marker" on the map interface. The markers are only seen by the players from the same party.
  • Every party has its own in-game chat channel.
  • Party member can see each other mana and health.
  • Party members can be targeted with a hot key.