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Prontera is a capital city of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. The city is located on a southern part of the in-game world. Prontera has a lot of stores and shops, beautiful sculptures and statues, fountains and ponds.

The Royal Family castle, which is the residence of the Royal Family, is also located in Prontera. An enormously big building which has many floors, rooms and halls. Prontera also has a dangerous place called "culvert", entrance to it is located inside the castle. There is a strange door with a skull symbol, located at the end of the culvert dungeon.


Name Location Additional info
Mr.Pitt (Kafra) Main Square of Prontera Kafra service
Monica Raynolds Main Square of Prontera Card enchanter
Jakob Tintero Main Square of Prontera Post office
Hollgran Main Square of Prontera Blacksmith
Anselm Meinherd Main Square of Prontera Armour shop
Royal Equipment Coupon Exchange
Heinrich Hansel (Cattleya) Main Square of Prontera Cattleya service
Skill books store
Wilhelmina Magnett North-East form south entrance of Prontera Potion and Crystal shop
Oscar Eatone North-West form south entrance of Prontera Auction house
Emma Whitlef North-West form south entrance of Prontera Auction house
Irma Swan Main Square of Prontera Craft