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Recruit is a playable character class.

Recruits strive for progress, thanks to which they have mastered the newest type of weapon — steam guns. They can inflict significant physical damage on opponents from afar. Their shots are accurate and strong enough to destroy heavy armor. They do not allow their enemies to be within the range of the shot of their gun, and with a well-aimed shot can immobilize or even disarm the enemy.

Obtaining the class


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Active Skills
Skill Req.
Description (Max. Level) Skill Transfer
icon Hawk Eye 3 11 Temporarily increases your ranged hit rate.

Ranged Hit Rate +50% for 120 seconds
icon Paralyzing Shot 5 11 A shot aimed at the enemy's legs.

Attack Power 60%
100% chance to paralyze the opponent's legs for 7 seconds, reducing their movement speed
4 slots (cLv. 40)
icon Aiming Shot 7 11 Allows you to focus and make a very accurate shot.

Attack Power 350%
Hit Rate 200%
Critical Hit Chance +30%
icon Mark Target 12 11 Marks a specific enemy to let your allies know which enemy to focus on.

Attack Power 10%
Marks the target for 15 seconds, reducing their evasion rate and preventing cloaking effects
4 slots (cLv. 45)
icon Armor Breaker 16 11 Attack the weakest spot in the target enemy's armor to reduce it's effectiveness.

Attack Power 50%
60% chance to apply the Broken Armor effect, reducing the target's physical defense for 15 seconds
icon Final Shot 20 10 Concentrate all your Rage to perform a very powerful shot.

Attack Power 200% +60% per rage point consumed
Passive Skills
Skill Req.
Description (Max. Level) Skill Transfer
icon Rifle Mastery 1 10 Allows you to use rifles in combat.
Rifle accuracy gets gradually reduced with range and is greatly reduced when shooting on the move.

Allows you to hit your targets at a range of up to 25m.
icon Firing Practice 2 10 Increases your attack speed and attack power when using a rifle.

Attack Speed +10%
Attack Power +76
3 slots (cLv. 30)

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