Repeatable Quest

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Repeatable Quests are a type of quest that can be completed several times instead of just one. A lot of cities, town, villages and smaller players' hubs (crossroads, camps) have Quest boards. Quest boards are designed as a list of repeatable quests which are classified by their level requirement. After its completion, the quest goes on cooldown for a certain amount of time and later reappears again at the quest board.

CD And Requirements

Each of the repeatable quests go off CD every new in-game day. Every in-game day is exactly 120 minutes (2 hours) of the real time.

Repeatable quests also have level requirements, which mean that the quests will not be shown on the quest board if the player is too low or too high on the character's level.

Every player is allowed to sign up for 1 Main Story Quest, 1 Side Quest and 1 Repeatable Quest.

Quest Name Base EXP Class EXP Reward Time Availability Region
<Quest Name> <Value> <Value> <Value><If_Item> <Time><PM/AM><if_Day> <Location of quest>
Quest Name Base EXP Class EXP Reward Time Availability Region
The Wolf Threat 2500 750 920 Rupee 6:00am to 3:00pm Southwest of Prontera
Supply Delivery 1100 330 630 Rupee 6:00pm to 6:00am Prontera, Northwest of Prontera
The Mice Infestation 750 250 600 Rupee 6:00am to 6:00pm Southeast of Prontera