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Weapons are pieces of equipment.

Starting Weapon

Every Ymirheim adventurer starts its journey with its own weapon, which can be leveled up during the in-game adventures. To level up the weapon, the player have to get enough weapon exp by killing monsters and then use the blacksmith NPC service that allows to level up the weapon for a fee.

Enchantment Slots

Every weapon has its level and stats. Every weapon has enchantment slots. The amount of enchanted slots depends on the weapon level.

The first slot becomes available at level one; second at level 14; third at 34; and fourth at level 75.

Weapon Types

  • Dagger (melee)
  • Sword (melee)
  • Swordstick (melee)
  • Rifle (ranged)
  • Bow (ranged)
  • Rod (melee)

Additional Info

The game also has weapons that cannot be leveled up. Those are not given to the players from the start and have to be acquired in other ways.